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3 Types of Social Media Content You Need to Create
On 16th November 2018 | 35 Comments

One of the hardest aspects of online marketing is creating social media content that your fans are interested in and connect with. It needs to be a number of things; Engaging Interesting Relevant Easy to consume Make an impact on your business today by choosing the right content for your social media strategy. Create These […]

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Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work Without Content
On 19th September 2017 | 35 Comments

For self-employed professionals, trying to use social media marketing without regularly producing good, original content is a waste of time and money. You’ll find plenty of social media “experts” trying to convince you that anyone can use social media to get clients, regardless of whether you have content of your own to share. But that’s […]

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4 Tricks For Creating More Shareable Content
On 27th July 2017 | 35 Comments

Long past the allure of “reach” numbers in the hundreds of thousands, marketers and agencies are increasingly focusing on what matters most: engagement. And there’s no better marker of engagement than shares. Even just liking something—or clicking favorite, heart, thumbs up, whatever—is a simple action that only indicates someone took the time to click something […]

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3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaign
On 27th October 2014 | 35 Comments

Social media marketing is a constantly changing and evolving art form. What currently works on one social media channel such as YouTube or Twitter may or may not work on Facebook. What works on Facebook may or may not work on the other social media platforms, and so that means there is a constant testing […]

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