Marketing Funnels
The 6 Types of Marketing Funnels You Need to Know
On 18th November 2022 | 0 Comments

A marketing funnel is a visual representation of your customer’s journey from the moment they come in contact with your brand till they become a paying customer. Other marketers also refer to marketing funnels as purchase, conversion, and lead funnels, among others. We’ve already discussed marketing and sales funnels, the differences, and the various marketing […]

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Marketing and Sales Funnels: Understanding the Difference
On 15th July 2022 | 0 Comments

As a business owner or marketer, you spend a lot of time promoting your products and services to get the attention of prospects, generate leads, increase conversions, and ultimately grow your business. Marketing funnels make it easy for you to prioritize and implement your marketing strategy. What is a Marketing Funnel? The marketing funnel comprises […]

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Small Business Marketing – Top Website Tips For Your Small Business.
On 5th May 2021 | 0 Comments

Websites are a critical component of any small businesses marketing make-up. However as a business owner, the task of putting together website and ensuring that it ranks well is probably not part of your skill set. Despite your level of skill in the digital marketing department, people online will come to know you and your […]

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marketing strategy
How To Diagnose Your Biggest Marketing Challenges With These Key Questions
On 2nd April 2021 | 35 Comments

In a recent post I talked about the secret sauce to getting clients for your business. However, we did not focus on marketing tactics and activities. But instead we discussed bigger picture factors that could effect your marketing results. This week we will delve a little bit more into the type of activities you should […]

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Tips for Choosing the Right Features for Your Google Ads
On 29th March 2019 | 35 Comments

Google AdWords has plenty of features, but choosing the best ones for your campaign is the difference between failure and success. There is no point choosing features that don’t suit your campaign so narrow down your search to ensure you’re utilizing the best ones. You’re probably wondering, “how do I choose the best features for […]

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Signs That Google is More Focused On Paid Ads
On 15th February 2019 | 35 Comments

Did you know that Google is the global leader for helping small businesses to attract new traffic and gain leads? An estimated 50%-80% of a business’ traffic is due to Google’s organic search results. This is fantastic for small business owners, however, Google have been focusing more on paid advertising rather than organic search. Many […]

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Other Products That Complement AdWords
On 11th January 2019 | 35 Comments

Thanks to Google, it is now much easier for small businesses to benefit from implementing AdWords campaigns. The effectiveness of AdWords is second to none. The advertising platform allows businesses to attract thousands of potential customers if used correctly. Two other Google products, Google Analytics and Google My Business, are fantastic for complementing AdWords. You […]

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?
On 24th June 2015 | 35 Comments

This weeks blog is about Google’s recent change to their search engine algorithm (April 2015) and why that should matter to you! So back in April Google rolled out a new change in the way it ranks websites in its search engine and it is all to do with how mobile friendly your website is…or […]

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Do You have a Compelling Competitive Advantage?
On 12th June 2015 | 35 Comments

Do You have a Compelling Competitive Advantage to Make Your Business “The Logical Choice” over and above all other options your prospects might have access to? I was sitting in Starbucks this week, I like to work from there to write up my blog posts and the like, and it got me thinking back to […]

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How To Attract More Leads & More Clients
On 2nd June 2015 | 35 Comments

Should Your Content Aim for Traffic or Conversion Which type of content attracts reader attention… bringing you more traffic and more eyeballs on the page? Which type of content converts… bringing you more customers and sales? And how do you roll out a strategy that maximizes the twin impact of attraction and conversion? Easy answer… […]

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