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web design
The 6 Big Sins of Website Design
On 1st May 2021 | 0 Comments

A typical website visitor hangs around for a whopping ten seconds before leaving for greener pastures. In ten seconds, you must convince visitors that your site is worthy of further investigation. So don’t scare them off with these 6 cardinal sins of website design: 1. It takes too long to load. The internet is full […]

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5 Ways To Optimize Your Websites Visitor Experience
On 12th March 2019 | 35 Comments

Your website is your digital storefront, but unlike physical storefronts, you can’t lure people in with an attractive window display. Online, there are no sidewalks where digital content consumers casually stroll by. This means that half a website’s job is to make people aware that it even exists. To do this, business owner’s must optimize […]

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