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Google Adwords Management & Training Services

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Embarking on a Google Adwords marketing campaign without the right knowledge and experience can be an extremely expensive and time-consuming exercise, with very little return.

Due to the complex ‘quality score’ algorithms used, and all of the additional features Google continue to add to the platform,  running a successful Adwords campaign has become just as complicated as SEO, if not even more complicated.

I’m sure you’ll agree; there’s nothing worse than looking at your competitors on the sponsored search results, for all those crucial keywords, and wondering how they can afford to be in those top positions!

What are they doing differently? How are they able to exploit the huge revenue opportunities presented by a successful Adwords campaign?

Dominate Your Crucial Keywords

Well, some the most important things to do in order dominate those crucial keywords you want to be found for are:

  • Producing a very targeted portfolio of search terms related to your product, service or industry.
  • Not just bidding using broad match types.
  • Ensuring that the seed keyword in each ad group is contained in the ad copy.
  • Ensuring that the ad copy is included in the copy on destination landing page.
  • Using creative and attractive ad copy with a call-to-action.
  • Using numerous tightly relevant ad groups.
  • Building dedicated landing pages or campaign sites specifically designed to convert PPC traffic.
  • Testing ad copy performance according to conversion not just CTR.
  • Not fighting for the #1 spot for every keyword regardless of their return on investment (ROI).

These are just some of the more important things that need to be done to ensure success. But other key tactics that we like to include when building out successful Adwords campaigns are listed below.

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Get The Edge On Your Competitors

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In order to get the edge on your competitors on the Google Adwords platform the strategies list above are critically important. But of you really want to get an edge then we also include:

  • Using geo-targeting which is neither too broad nor too narrow.
  • Using seasonal ad copies.
  • Excluding search network partners delivering fraudulent or irrelevant traffic.
  • Aggressively bidding on their Brand to ensure competitors cannot highjack traffic intended for them.
  • Bidding for direct competitor brand terms.
  • Separating their content match campaigns from their search campaigns.
  • Using sophisticated campaign tracking and analytics.
  • Effectively using negative keywords to eradicate irrelevant traffic and improve click through rates (CTR) and quality score.
  • Deep linking keywords to relevant content, services or products within the site as opposed to delivering traffic to the home page (front door).

Full-Service Adwords Management

Savvy Business Gals full-service Adwords management is an ongoing program focusing on managing the effectiveness of bids, budget and media.

Our pay per click services are based upon the needs of each client and involve detailed analysis, the use of specialist software, and extensive tuning and optimization services.

When you work with us, your dedicated analyst will drive the project and provide all changes and recommendations on a technical and strategic level.

Attached to each project is resource staff, as needed, to accomplish the project goals. Common skill sets consist of trainers, copywriters, marketing, PPC/SEM, analytics pros, social media practitioners and strategy consultants.

Based upon the changing needs of the project, all roles are available to support your projects.

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Google Adwords Training

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Another option that maybe appealing for your business is to get trained up in how to run a successful Google Adwords campaign.

If this is the case then we can help you get to grip with all of the platforms moving parts.
We can teach you how to master Google AdWords so that you can do what we do for our Adwords Management clients day in day out.

We will show you how to become proficient in the most powerful online advertising tool that exists today.

By understanding Google AdWords to the level that we can teach our students you will have a better understanding of all parts of your business.

You’ll also very quickly have a better understanding of your customer, a better understanding of your competition and you’ll be able to turn advertising euros into revenue and profit.

If your interested in getting up to speed on how Google Adwords works so you can manage your own account then get in touch and we can discuss a program that’s right for you.

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