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This resource is designed for those who are new to the world of digital marketing — and is also aimed to help those of us who have some experience in the whole area of marketing but are struggling to pull all of the pieces of the puzzle together into a coherent blueprint for success in your business.

Maybe your just looking for a refresher course on some of the fundamental elements that make up a successful marketing plan.

Wherever you are at in your journey then we can help…

The way in which we provide that help is through our five pillars savvy marketing success solution…a blueprint if you like, that will help you map out a super successful strategy for you and your business.

When it comes to marketing your business there always seems like there is just one more thing to do. There is just some “secret sauce” missing, and if you could only put your finger on it this would be the magic needed to sky-rocket your business to the levels you are working so hard to achieve.

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That's Where Our Propriety Five Pillar Savvy Marketing
Success Solution Comes In.

Savvy Marketing Success Solution

We have broken it all down into 5 very distinct areas that absolutely needs to be in place for your marketing to fire on all cylinders.

We know that most marketers and entrepreneurs get STUCK somewhere along the way.

As there is so much to learn. We also understand how frustrating it can be trying to figure it all out.

What Are The Five Pillars?

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, from the start up business to the matured organisation, we are always looking at ways to get better at what we do. Always looking for that “something” that is going to give us an advantage.

This page is here to help you get a handle on what that “secret sauce” is for your business and how you can focus in on what that is, so you can figure out what needs to be done to get your marketing running like the well oiled machine you deserve.

So what are these five pillars of marketing success we use to design and implement super successful marketing strategies for our clients you ask….

Well lets dive in and take a look…

Introducing The Savvy Marketing Success System...

Our proprietary Savvy Marketing Success Solution is a business system specifically designed to exponentially grow your business and build your brand. It’s based on the same business systems used by Starbucks, Subway and McDonald’s that they have used to corner the coffee, sandwich and fast food markets.

It’s based on the same system Amazon, eBay, and uses to dominate e-commerce. Other famous household brands like Apple, H&M, Zara, Adidas and many, many more are all using a version of this system to dominate there own particular market place.

This system works regardless of where you find yourself on the multitude of types of business out there. It works for small, medium and enterprise level businesses. It works for solopreneurs, corner shops, small practices, large firms and billion euro retailers alike. It works whether you sell traditional products and services, or digital products or services.

The reason this system works is that it exploits each and every aspect of the irrefutable law of business growth put forth by legendary marketer Jay Abraham.

There are only three ways to grow a business, which are:

  • Increase the number of customers
  • Increase the average transaction value per customer
  • Increase the number of transactions per customer

Once you understand this you will never think about your business and marketing the same way again. This power pyramid is the foundation of our Savvy Marketing Success Solution.

Just thinking of all your marketing and business activities as falling in one of these three categories will help keep you focused and will quickly give you a boost in revenues and profits.

Read this page carefully. Read it multiple times and commit it to memory.

This is absolutely critical, in order to begin attaining success with your marketing, far beyond where you currently find yourself you absolutely need to understand each of these components that work together to ensure success.

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Learn The Steps To Maximising Your Marketing Success


When you’re learning new tactics like Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics or SEO you’ll need to constantly remind yourself of the Savvy Marketing Success System. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and money.

This is a warning: Believe me when I tell that there is little profit in understanding, for example, Pinterest advertising, Linkedin Marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in and of itself.

There is however enormous profit in understanding how to apply these traffic strategies in the Savvy Marketing Success System.

Here are the 5 Pillars in the Savvy Marketing Success System:

  • Identify Your Target Market
  • Define The Offer
  • Craft the Perfect Message
  • Select the Lead Sources
  • Client Engagement And Retention

So pay close attention now because we are about to break this 5 step process down for you and reveal why these 5 core elements work so well when selling products and services in multiple niche markets and mainstream verticals.

Including markets such as Finance and Investing, Beauty, Women Clothing, Health & Well Being, IT & Software, Sports Ware and Equipment…

… and that’s to name just a few.

So let’s begin to get into what exactly is involved in this Savvy Marketing Success System.

Below we will outline the 5 pillars of the system.

Step One: Identify Your Target Market

When you boil it down business is pretty simple. In order to be successful you need to make sales.

In order to achieve that in a scalable way your business needs to define methods of promoting your product or service.

Before you can begin promoting any business though, there are important questions that need to be answered.

The first of those is to define Who is my customer?

In order to define your offering and craft marketing messages that truly connects with your prospects you need to know them on a deep level.

Average marketers only articulate what a customer will HAVE if they purchase their product or service.

Great marketers speak to how a customer will FEEL, how their AVERAGE DAY will change and how their STATUS will be elevate.

girl with a targetIt is impossible to speak to these elements to any degree of success without having that deeper knowledge of how your prospects are thinking, there likes and dislikes, what do they enjoy, what are there hopes and fear.

The most successful marketing messages are crafted by using these critical insights.

If you get this wrong then all that follows in your marketing machine will suffer.

If you allow us the opportunity to work with you and your business then you will discover these three very important items when looking at your target market:

  • Why what you’ve likely been told before about choosing your target market is totally useless.
  • One of the very first things we do with our clients before even think about choosing a marketing channel or lead source, before putting pen to paper to craft a message defining your offer, we take you through our proven methodology for going WAY deeper than you’ve ever gone before, that will ensure you achieve the big results that come from this level of exploration.
  • We also explain why getting to the bottom of your customer’s irrational fears and deepest desires is imperative for you to have a profitable business.

As part of the five pillars of our savvy marketing success blueprint we take your business through a guided journey that allows you to understand every aspect of your prospects and customers.

target market

Step Two: Define Your Irresistable Offer

critical business cogs

Now that you have a deep understanding of who it is you should be marketing to each successive step in the successful marketing system become easier and clearer.

So the next critical piece we need to look at is your offer. What is it you are offering to this well defined market?

You need to understand that people don’t buy product and services, what they really are looking for is a specific outcome.

So does the product or service you are offering fulfill a specific outcome for your target market?

We take our clients through a very detailed process that includes a full audit of your brand followed by bench-marking your offering against your competitors.

This is a key information gathering exercises that ensures you have a complete understanding of your market place.

For those of you familiar with Sun Tzu, the great Chinese military strategist who wrote the book “The Art of War”. It’s still relevant today for leaders like you in business.

In particular for the advice on winning against competitors, which said that if you are ignorant of both your enemy and yourself, then you are a fool and certain to be defeated in every battle.

If you know yourself, but not your enemy, for every battle won, you will suffer a loss. However, if you know your enemy and yourself, you will win every battle.

So in this step of the process we will review you offering against what other businesses in your marketplace are offering. We will look at your competitors strategies, your competitors tactics and your competitors value proposition.

By understanding how your offer stacks up in these three key areas of understanding your competitors’ strategies, you can OUTSTRATEGIZE THEM!!

Understand your competitors’ tactics so that you can OUTMANEUVER THEM!!

Understand your competitors’ value propositions so that you can OUTVALUE THEM!!

With this level of competitive understanding, using our proprietary system you are able to craft more appealing offers than the competition.

This process is like pressing the “Easy Button” that will take any offering from average to OMG!

Step Three: Craft The Perfect Marketing Message

Now that you have laid the vital ground work of knowing your customers and your marketplace on a deeper level. You are all set you craft your magentic message that has your customers queing up to get what you have to offer.

Knowing how to craft the perfect message and clearly articulating your value to the marketplace will give your prospects the “This is EXACTLY what I want” feeling. By achieving this you will find yourself on the the road to everything you ever wanted.

In this pillar of our savvy marketing success process our clients learn why a great message is the secret elixir for success in any business.

You can write an okay headline without, going through this process, but it will never be a killer headline. You might come up with some good copy but it will never be copy that really crushes it.

There are four crucial elements that breathes life into any message you craft for your businesses products and services. Leave one out and your conversion rates are sure to tumble.

Your message, when complete should be able to answer the question your prospects are continuously asking themselves, which is…

“Why should I buy from you over and above all other options available to me”.

We can show you how to make that distinction so your prospects pick you and not your competitor.

savvy copywriting

Step Four: Lead Source Selection Mastery

savvy digital marketing channel selection

Once upon a time, your business could rely on the Golden Page, local or national newspapers, or radio ads to drive new leads and clients through the door. And if you offered a valuable product or service and treated your customers with respect, your business would grow.

Those days are long gone.

Today, businesses are forced to navigate dozens of different channels to both acquire and communicate with new customers and existing customers. In this digital age the task of selecting the perfect channel for your offering is increasingly difficult.

So in order for your business to thrive in today’s marketplace you need to understand how to leverage the new media channels such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube to acquire new customers and clients.

How to set up your website for success and implement “conversion funnels” that seamlessly and subtly convert strangers into leads, leads into customers and customers into raving fans.

Of course you also need to understand platforms like Google, Amazon, Pinterest and Yelp, so that your brand can both be found and accurately represented.

So at this stage of the savvy marketing success system we show you how to select the correct lead sources for your particular product or service and how to master those lead sources so that you can generate more leads and skyrocket your sales.

By putting this pillar in place, you’ll possess the knowledge and skills, to succeed in the digital age.

Step 5: Client Engagement And Retention

The very last pillar in a great digital marketing strategy is the ability to continue to engage and retain customers once they show up.

In this, the fifth pillar of our savvy marketing success blueprint, we show you how to develop customer retention plans using communications on your website, social presence, email and direct interactions to boost customer lifetime value.

It’s also about improving customer experience and encouraging buyers to recommend you to others.

This is the last way to grow a business, by engaging and retaining more customers you will increase the number of transactions per customer.

The goal of this fifth pillar of the blueprint is to have frequent, strategic communication with your buyers and prospects that cause them to buy again and again.

Because you have received their contact information through your lead sources you have the ability to continue marketing to them.

You can offer new products, services and company updates because you have permission to market and bring them back to relevant, case studies, e-books, webinars, blog posts etc, on your website or social media assets or through ad Re-targeting technology.

One of the most powerful ways to engage and retain clients online is through the use of automated email follow-up. Which we can show you how to implement into your business.

savvy engagement and retention systems

You Now Have The Full Picture...

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Now that you know the five foundation pillars that makes up the savvy marketing success solution it’s time to stop struggling with your digital marketing.

Finally learn how to implement a marketing funnel that will deliver a consistent flow of leads and sales for your business.

It’s not “rocket science,” as the saying goes. But it does take the right know-how and that’s exactly what we here at Savvy Business Gals wants to share with you.

You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

So no matter where you find yourself on your business journey. Perhaps you are at the very beginning of the journey and you are starting with a fresh sheet, in that case we can help you map out the perfect marketing system for where your at right now.

Or maybe you are at a more advanced stage and you have a couple of numbers dialed into the lock and all you need is that one last number to complete the combination and release the lock that will vault your business to the next level of growth you have been working towards.

When you begin to work with us we will help you map out exactly what you need to do to design a marketing approach that is right for you and your business.

Before you know it, you’ll have a nice SPIKE in sales and you’ll be set up for rock SOLID success.

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