Are You Ready To Scale Your Business?

You have managed to successfully navigate your way through the infancy stage of your business and you created an operation that is beginning to take off. You are generating clients and you are make sales which has paid you good money.

However, you probably find that you are doing everything yourself or even if you have team to assist in the day to day operations you find that you never seems to have any downtime.

You are determined to take your business to the next level and multiply your income but need some serious systems and leverage.

Achieve That Next Level Of Success

The irony of entrepreneurial success is that the very behaviors and habit patterns that lead to success at one stage of growth can contribute to failure at the next stage.

So it is critically important to identify what it is you NOW need to do, to achieve that next level of success and implement these things into your business.

This will allow your business to scale up smoothly without you spending 24 x 7 x 365 in your business to get there. Without the right plan which focuses on systems and leverage you will find yourself on the fast track to burn out.

You Are Passionate & Action Oriented, But...

You’re are action oriented and passionate about your work, and as a result you make good money. Typically, your business is turning over more than €150k per year at this point. You have lots of clients—so much so, that you sometimes have a difficult time keeping up.

In becoming an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve actually created another job for yourself. You’re a high-achiever, and determined to bring value to the marketplace. One of your core drivers is that your business must make your customer’s life better.

What Your Challenges Tend to Be

But you are finding more and more that you struggle with a completely full schedule and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. As a result, you have little time for yourself, and you’re probably feeling guilty about neglecting those who are most important to you.

Although from an outsiders perspective the business seems to be doing well and you’re making good money your days just seem to be way too short and you to-do list seems to be getting longer and longer and for every items to take off many more go on.

This means that it is physically/mentally impossible to do everything that you need to. People want your time but just can’t seem to get it.

Have You Become The Bottleneck In Your Business?

Everyone is constantly putting out fires. Your not sure which of the multiple growth opportunities you should be pursuing.

You also feel mounting pressure because you’re managing all the risks alone.

As a result of all of this your stress level is pretty high and it’s likely that you haven’t taken a vacation in a while because you’re just too busy.

The other challenge your probably facing is that you’ve become the bottleneck in the business because nothing gets done without you doing it or approving it.

You’ve Reached A Glass Ceiling

In fact, if you take a cold hard look you would see that if you were to take a step back from the day to day operations, the business would struggle to function without you being there.

It’s not unusual for you to be working 50, 60 or more hours per week just to keep it all going.

At this point, you’ve reached a glass ceiling: it feels like the only way to get your business to the next level is by working much longer hours, but you just don’t have it in you.

The Initial Growth Stages Can Be Difficult To Manage.

The initial Growth stages can be difficult to manage. Every step – adding employees, increasing customer value, changing the way you do things and how things get done – means growing pains.

As the complexity and scale of your business increase, you will experience some defining moments.

You will realize that you can’t do it all yourself any more and that you don’t know how to solve some of the more complex issues facing your company.

Is This The Beginning Of The End?

If this sounds like you then you have reached that all to common point all successful business owners and entrepreneurs experience as they go for growth.

You are at the glass ceiling between the start-up phase of your business and the initial growth stage.

The decision many entrepreneurs make at this critical juncture, who are determined to take there organisation to the next level, is to work much longer hours.

This decision is often the beginning of the end.

It's A Time To Change

Sadly, even though a lot of businesses make it past the start up stage, the business owner doesn’t and it ends up holding the business back (possibly destroying it) and forces the entrepreneur to work much, much harder for much, much less.

Once your company starts to grow out of the start-up stage, you have to alter your style from seat-of-the-pants, intuitive leadership to a more deliberate, strategic approach – growth by design.

This Is A Big Reason Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Trapped – They Never Change

What You Need Most Right Now

There are two major changes you have to undergo as you take your company from the start-up phase to the initial growth stage.

You have to change your current role in the business by making two key decisions. The first is you need to begin giving up some responsibilities in your business.

The second is you will need to change your management style from reactive to proactive.

In other words it is now time to fundamentally change how you operate your business and get you out of the way.

It's Time To Create New Business Models & Scale The Business

Your focus needs to be on reducing overwhelm and creating systems and processes so things can run smoothly. Delegation and automation will be key at this point in your business.

You must multiply your personal productivity with a team that supports you, concentrate more of your effort and time in your unique brilliance, use technology to automate and bring on associates to “clone” you.

It’s also time for you to create some new business models and scale the business, so you can bypass the inevitable burnout headed your way if you continue at this pace.

Then, shift your focus to creating more passive and leveraged income so you can serve more people than you’re currently serving and make even more money, while finally having time off to take care of yourself and be with those you love.

Ease Your Mind, I'm Here To Help

If you read the above and can identify with what I just described and you would like help in navigating your way successfully from the start-up, into the initial growth phase and beyond then read on!

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